Screening of individuals working in a secure enviroment- Code of practice

Why you need Screening Services?

By thoroughly evaluating backgrounds, organizations can mitigate potential threats, enhance trust, and make informed decisions. Screening serves various purposes, including risk mitigation, decision-making, and ensuring compliance with specific criteria or standards. It helps organizations and individuals make informed choices and maintain safety and security in different areas of life.

Our Expertise:

Screening and vetting are paramount in security companies as they ensure the integrity, reliability, and competence of personnel entrusted with safeguarding assets and individuals. With a commitment to excellence, our screening and vetting services empower you to make decisions with confidence. Discover peace of mind through our meticulous processes and industry-leading expertise. Choose us for a seamless experience that elevates your risk management strategies

Choose Us:

Let us do the work for you when it comes to vetting your candidates to the highest level. Our screening and vetting involve multiple steps to evaluate individuals’ qualifications, background, and suitability for a specific role. This includes application review, preliminary interviews, reference checks, background investigations, skills assessments which ensures a comprehensive evaluation of candidates or personnel. 


Some of the benefits for our Employment Verification are:

⦁ Reduces the overall time it takes to onboard new employees or contractors
⦁ Full and accurate employment history available
⦁ Speeds up the screening process and reduces the need to gather old paperwork and contact previous employers
⦁ Complete control of personal data with a strict consent-based process
⦁ Access is one time and single purpose
⦁ Maintaining strict privacy protocols ensures that personal details, background checks, and other     pertinent data are handled with fostering trust and compliance with ethical standards in the screening     process.

How it works:

In the dynamic field of security, stringent screening and vetting are crucial for maintaining a high level of professionalism and security effectiveness. Our BS7858 vetting process involves checking the background and credentials of individuals to ensure that they are suitable for positions where security is a concern. Some of our key components of BS7858 vetting include:


Criminal Record Check:

   Employers, government agencies, and organizations often use these checks to assess a person’s suitability for employment, housing, or other opportunities.

Reference Checks

Contacting previous employers or colleagues helps validate the information provided by the candidate, ensuring the employer makes informed decisions.

Address Verification:

It involves cross-referencing information with official records to ensure a location exists and matches the details provided.

Security Clearance:

The clearance process involves thorough background checks, interviews, and assessments of an individual’s trustworthiness, loyalty, and discretion.

Package Pricing:

Getting started with us couldn’t be easier. Create your own bespoke screening package or you can start adding your candidates and choose one of our pre-set packages. Our Prices are clear and transparent depending on the number of candidates and the level of scrutiny needed, with customized options available


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